Front & Rear Cockpits

The Albatros is a two place training aircraft and therefore both cockpits have been recreated down to the smallest details, and all with an eye to high performance. The Lotus L-39 features "zero load time" cockpit textures. After the inital load of the aircraft you can switch views as much as you like, and every time you return to the VC your cockpit is instantly loaded.

All of the L-39's gauges, in both front and rear cockpits, are rendered in full 3D with extremely smooth and realistic operation. The use of 3D gauges exclusively reduces cpu overhead, increases framerate performance and provides a smooth and stutter free flight experience.

The aircraft features a complete set of navigation radios and instruments and GPS, and is fully capable of IFR flight from either cockpit.

Almost every system and switch function in the real L-39 is represented and all systems functionality is extremely realistic, with accurate interdependencies.

An extensible animated instrument flight practice hood is also fitted to the front cockpit in three of the military L-39 variants, allowing IFR flight training in clear weather.