The real L-39 was designed to be a relatively simple aircraft to fly and maintain, but like any jet it has its own level of inherent complexity. In addition to totally realistic instrumentation in both cockpits, this recreation features the following accurately modeled systems:

  • realistic engine starting, spool time, throttle response, and temp limits
  • Saphir-5 starter APU
  • realistic electrical bus functions & dependencies
  • main & emergency hydraulic systems with interconnect
  • emergency flap and gear deployment levers
  • emergency ram air turbine
  • pressurization system
  • diluter demand oxygen system
  • EGT limiter fuel cutout
  • windshield & engine anti-ice functions, with auto & manual modes
  • independent cockpit lighting, front and rear
  • GPS, navigation & communication radios
  • overspeed flap deployment safety mechanism
  • emergency fuel pump
  • fire extinguisher
  • rear cockpit landing gear override
  • rear cockpit instrument failure simulation controls
  • realistic responses to FSX system failures
  • realistic fuel tank feed operation
  • gyro drift synchronization

This list comprises the major items, many other minor controls are also replicated. While the L-39 is generally an easy aircraft to fly, and one can just jump in and go if desired, there's a lot included for the pilot who likes to follow procedure and fly "by the numbers" ...and some potentially rude surprises in store for those who don't!