Shared Cockpit Training Systems
Shared Cockpit

Shared Cockpit compatibility is no afterthought in the Lotus L-39, it was designed for this mode from the very beginning.

The real Albatros incorporates several unique design features to facilitate the training of student pilots in the handling of system and instrument failures, and all of these functions have been faithfully recreated in this FSX rendition. From the rear cockpit an instructor can fail most of the front cockpit's primary instruments, in several combinations, as well as fail the pitot-static system, all with completely accurate results.

The instructor can even cut all power to the front cockpit to simulate electrical system failures. When these failure modes are activated all of the instruments in the rear cockpit continue to function normally, allowing an instructor to gauge the student's performance. Just like in the real aircraft, these tools are invaluable for the purpose of flight training in FSX's incredible Shared Cockpit multiplayer mode.