Media / Extras
NOTE: Except for the L-39 manual all files here are compressed in the .ZIP format to reduce download size.
Download the L-39 Operations Manual (PDF format)
Click here to view online tutorial videos for operating the L-39
Download the L-39 Paint Kit

NOTE: This paint kit contains a detailed instruction manual, please read it entirely before beginning work on a new paint scheme. The paint kit contains three complete paint schemes from the standard L-39 package for reference. Recommended for experienced painters only.

TERMS OF USE: By downloading this paint kit you agree to the following terms: You may alter and make public your own new textures created from the files contained within this paint kit ONLY. You may not upload or distribute modifications of other existing external or cockpit textures, models, panels, gauges, sounds, flight dynamics, or any other facet of the Lotus L-39 package without prior authorization. The paints included in the paint kit are intended as guides only and should not be uploaded.